Vanguard Special Series 05: Festival Collection is now available!

Festival Collection is the 5th V Special Series released in the Japanese format and 3rd to be released in the English format. In the Japanese format, the set was to be exclusively available at Vanguard Ultra Big Card Festival 2020 until it was cancelled.

  • Includes 132 (24 RR, 48 R, 60 C) cards.
  • Includes all 24 clans.
  • Includes a reprinted [Draw] trigger sentinel from each clan (One random guaranteed per pack).
  • Includes 60 reprinted First Vanguards with the new updated text.
  • Includes other 48 reprinted cards.
  • Each pack includes 4 cards, and each display includes 10 packs.

Here’s the booster box and some of the singles from this set;

V Special Series 03: Festival Collection Box

Binoculus Tiger – V-SS03/069EN – R

Blackboard Parrot – V-SS03/130EN – C

Blue Wave Recruit, Kosty – V-SS03/126EN – C

Canon – V-SS03/121EN – C

Devil in Shadow – V-SS03/110EN – C

Dragon Egg – V-SS03/091EN – C

First Aid Celestial, Peniel – V-SS03/079EN – C

Full Moon Muscle – V-SS03/101EN – C

Goddess of Self-sacrifice, Kushinada – V-SS03/006EN – RR

Guiding Zombie – V-SS03/115EN – C

Vanguard also released the English Edition of V Special Series 05: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2020!

Make sure to go to your local game store today!

Happy gaming to all!

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