English Edition of Weiss Schwarz: Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World Memory Snow is now available. Check out some of the cards here!

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Memory Snow, now in Weiß Schwarz!

Join Subaru as he takes a well-deserved break from his chaotic life in another world to pursue a date with a very special someone!

Here’s some of the singles from this set!

Actually Having Fun? Beatrice – RZ/S68-E024 – R

Secret Flower Garden, Emilia – RZ/S68-E053 – RR

Precious Alcohol, Ram – RZ/S68-E044 – C

Recognition-Hindering Robe, Emilia – RZ/S68-E064 – R

Dream-Like Scenery, Rem & Emilia – RZ/S68-E059 – R

Another World-Style? Incitement, Subaru – RZ/S68-E010 – C

About the Future, Puck – RZ/S68-E061S – SR

Combination of Ideals, Rem – RZ/S68-E067 – R

Memory Snow Subaru – RZ/S68-E004 – R

Not a Bad Day – RZ/S68-E052 – CC

Available now with your local game store!

Happy gaming!

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