New Board Games Alert! Coming on November 2020.

The following is the list of games and gaming products releasing soon from various publishers through PSI.

Thrive: Pond Life Expansion

The Pond Life expansion unlocks an entirely new game mode to creatively expand classic abstract strategy gameplay to the third and fourth players for Thrive. Additionally, players may choose from 15 pond-life creatures for a “rule-bending” power on each turn, and there’s a deck of variable setup configurations to keep the pond fresh and thriving.

Thrive: Pond Life Expansion


  • 18 Colored wooden pegs
  • 15 Variable power cards
  • 8 Variable setup cards
  • 3 Wooden stone tokens
  • 1 Rule book

Squire for Hire: Mystic Runes

Squire for Hire: Mystic Runes is a standalone expansion for Squire for Hire that sees your squire assist on quests through treacherous mountains, in hopes of finding the fabled mystic runes.

Continue to efficiently pack, optimize your bag space, reduce junk, and collect the most valuable bag for the adventurer you serve. Discovering Runes will allow you to manipulate cards in order to ensure a high scoring bag.

Mystic Runes is an 18-card, tile-laying, inventory-management game for 1–2 players that takes about 15–20 min to play and can either be played by itself for a 1–2 player adventure or combined with the Squire for Hire base game for a 1–4 player experience!

Squire for Hire: Mystic Runes is also available in a 6-game display box (LTM019).

Squire for Hire: Mystic Runes

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