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MTG - Commander Legends

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Commander Legends is knocking on your door! Hope you’re all ready for what is looking like the most exciting development in the Commander format since it used to be EDH. The noted 10 years of development that went into this beauty of a release and the sweet 20-card draft packs for limited play make this a tantalizing treat any fan of commander or limited won’t want to miss. Oh, and Collectors Boosters now include extended art staples outside the rare/mythic rarity. So, yeah, there’s that too.

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Your promo page for Commander Legends is live!

Commander is not just my favorite long-time Magic format, but it’s a favorite among new and old players alike. There have been a few spinoffs/variants on the format – *cough Brawl – but EDH/Commander is the format and with as many players keen on it, this release is going to get some serious attention from a big chunk of the MTG fan base so putting together this promo set with key art featuring Jeska was a fun evening. Rad choice there for box art. Can’t wait to see where her story goes, but in the mean time get your store dressed for what could be the best Commander product we’ve had yet. Fingers Crossed!

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With the above code your TCG Promotion Controller will be instantly re-themed for the Commander Legends experience!

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MTG - Commander Legends - Promo Page

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