Upcoming Games from Pegasus Spiele: Dice Flick, Doodle Dungeon, Poo Poo Pets and Space Dragons.

Dice Flick

Players: 2–4 • Ages: 8+ • Play time: 15–25 min.

Well flicked is half-way won in Dice Flick! In the game, 2 to 4 players compete to score the most points in ten rounds. To do so, they draw dice from a bag each turn and flick two of them onto the playing area, which is mounted inside the game box. Three adjacent dice of the same color can be scored and are returned into the bag. Dice landing in the middle of the board grant double the points and can even be scored by themselves. While white dice serve as jokers, and the pink, glittering dice trigger a special scoring. Players who make best use of the dice’s abilities and have good aim are bound to win the game.

Pegasus Spiele: Dice Flick

Doodle Dungeon

Players: 2–4 • Ages: 10+ • Play time: 45–60 min.

A dream comes true; players have acquired their own dungeon! Today they visited it for the first time and found a gigantic cave! Hold on a second—the cave is empty! Where’s the dungeon? There aren’t any mazelike walls, no sneaky traps, and above all, no hero-slashing monsters!

So they hastily go shopping at the dungeon-construction shop, and then they make a quick visit to the local monster tavern to hire some monsters. Now they’ll be ready to defend their treasures from any invading heroes. Will they manage to surpass their rivals and be celebrated as the most malicious dungeon master?

Pegasus Spiele: Doodle Dungeon

Poo Poo Pets

Players: 2–4 • Ages: 8+ • Play time: 15–25 min.

Poo Poo Pets is all about speed: Each player has a number of tiles showing specific dice results in front of them, and all players play simultaneously while trying to roll the dice combination displayed in front of any of their opponents, using their own six dice. Once they succeed, they quickly press the squeaky-toy poo to pause the game and take the corresponding tile from their opponent. If a player runs out of tiles in front of them, they drop out of the game. The last remaining player wins the game.

Pegasus Spiele: Poo Poo Pets

Space Dragons

Players: 3–5 • Ages: 10+ • Play time: 20 min.

Ready for a flight into the galaxy of the notorious Space Dragons? Only with a competent crew can players become successful dragon hunters. They target seven dragons, always in competition with their rivals. But some dragons do more harm than good, so it can be worthwhile to let others go first and concentrate on keeping your ship intact, as you should be careful that your opponents do not shoot your spaceships. Whoever was able to score the most points with his crew and the dragons they won after seven rounds will be crowned top dragon hunter.

Space Dragons – Pegasus Spiele

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