Cardfight!! Vanguard will release the Special Series 07 Clan Selection Plus Vol.1

・12 clans will be included.
 Popular and nostalgic units units such as “Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon” and “Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion “THE BLOOD” make a comeback in this product!
・Many new units will be included too!
 From Granblue, we have the grade 3 “Ghostie Leader, Beatrice”!
 Construct your deck and fight with the “Ghostie” theme!
・All “new” and “reissue” cards included in RRR treatment! Also featuring SP and ASR!!
 3 new cards for each clan! Total of 36 new card types included!!
 Reissues include powerful support units and draw trigger sentinels from the 12 clans!!

V Special Series 07: Clan Selection Plus Vol.1 Booster Box

V Special Series 07: Clan Selection Plus Vol.1 Booster Pack

Abrupt Stealth Rogue, Ariou – V-SS07/032EN – RRR

Advance of the Black Chains, Kahedin – V-SS07/018EN – RRR

Aid-roid, Zayin – V-SS07/004EN – RRR

Apprentice Apparition, Sasameyuki – V-SS07/031EN – RRR

Archbird – V-SS07/028EN – RRR

Autumn’s Turning Maiden, Rosie – V-SS07/081EN – RRR

Battle Cupid, Nociel – V-SS07/007EN – RRR

Bellyful Meds Angel – V-SS07/005EN – RRR

Bisection Star-vader, Zirconium – V-SS07/044EN – RRR

Black Dragon Knight, Vortimer – V-SS07/016EN – RRR

Don’t forget to pre-order today

Happy Gaming!

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