WizKids unveiled X-Men Rise and Fall, a new set for Marvel HeroClix, for release in June.

This new Clix set is based on the Marvel story entitled Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire which was told in Uncanny X-Men #475 to #486.  Each booster will come with five figures featuring characters like Wolverine, Mystique, and Professor X, Eric the Red, Silver Samurai, and Sabretooth.  The set will feature new mechanics called Rally and Salvage, and packs will come with Warp World chase figures.  The set contains 17 Common figures, 17 Uncommon figures, 16 Rare figures (and 2 Primes), 12 Super Rare figures (and 2 Primes), and 8 Chase figures. X-Men Rise and Fall Booster Bricks will retail for $149.90.

Marvel Heroclix X-Men Rise & Fall Booster Brick

X-Men Rise

X-Men Rise and Fall will also feature a new Fast Forces starter.  This pack comes with a mix of six figures with character cards. It will retail for $19.99.  There will also be a Dice and Token Pack available that contains 2 custom dice and 6 action tokens for $9.99.

Marvel Heroclix X-Men Rise & Fall Fast Forces

Marvel Heroclix X-Men Rise & Fall Dice & Token Pack

Marvel Heroclix X-Men Rise & Fall Play At Home Kit

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