Corvus Belli will release the Infinity Like Yu Jing – Shaolin Warrior Monk and More

Shaolin Warrior Monk

Shaolin monks practice Zen Buddhism and are outstanding martial artists. As the entirety of their training takes place inside their monastery, they are less than stellar with firearms, but in hand-to-hand combat, they are nigh unbeatable. The strict discipline and rigorous training of their temple make them instinctive fighters, fast and deadly.

Infinity: Yu Jing – Shaolin Warrior Monk

Infinity: PanOceania – Teutonic Knights

Infinity: Haqqislam – Mukthar, Active

Infinity: Combined Army – Fraacta Drop Unit

Infinity: NA2 – Karakuri Special Project

Infinity: NA2 – Wild Bill, Legendary Gungslinger (Contender)

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