Pokemon TCG – More Tins and Boxes for the latest Sword and Shield Set!

The next set arrives quicker than you can say Rilaboom!

The Sword and Shield hype is getting Gigantamax!

To add to the anticipation, check out the latest Pokemon products that will hit your local game store!

Toxtricity V Box

First up is the Toxtricity V Box set! This loud and proud Pokemon gets it’s own V card and comes with 4 booster packs!

Galar Partners Tin – Set of 3

Next up are the Galar Partner Tins! Featuring each of the starter Pokemon from Sword on Shield for each tin design!

Each tin has 5 booster packs as well as their corresponding V Cards, Rillaboom, Cinderace and Inteleon!

Galar Partners Tin – Rillaboom V

Galar Partners Tin – Inteleon V

Galar Partners Tin – Cinderace V

And finally! The ever popular Poke Ball Tins return!

PokéBall Tin – Series 4

Make sure you check out this blog too for more Sword and Shield news!

Your Local Game Store will begin having the singles for the next set soon!

Happy Gaming All!

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