Creating discount and Special Offer prices on your ecommerce store

Offering certain products at a discounted price is a great way to generate buzz surrounding your web store.

Special offers (and limited discounts) create a feeling of gain for the customer.

Timed deals create an urgency to buy a product and show the offer won’t last forever.

This article on Yoast explores the psychology on how discounts work, and at Crystalcommerce, we can help you with getting those sales!

Here, we have Omnath, Locus of Rage selling for $4.25

I want to offer a discount on this and have it sell for $3.99, showing my customers how much they gain from buying this.

We locate our card in our admin, and hit the edit button on the product.

Here, we’ll find the MSRP section:

We need to set the MSRP so that it is HIGHER than the price we are going to sell it for.

We will set the MSRP in this example to be $4.25.

Save, then set the price of Omnath, Locus of Rage to $3.99. When you return to your website, you should see this:

Notice how your card is appearing at it’s discounted price. You can perform this effect on as many cards as you like!

Looking for more in depth features? Our Crystalcommerce store might have what you need!

How about a Deal of the Month widget, with countdown timer and image of the product?

A month too long? try the Deal of the Day widget create that greater sense of urgency!

Don’t forget to check out our store for more products!

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