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Thank you for an AMAZING GENCON 2019! So great to be with all you wild, passionate, fantastic game players and makers that make this community and event so incredible. Stay connected! Hit us up on the socials and check out our ongoing Virtual Convention that NEVER ENDS!

Argent Saga‘s Kickstarter is still going strong! Only 10k away from reaching their first Stretch Goal! See them at Booth 2343

Don’t miss @paizo’s satellite booth outside of the Sagamore ballroom. 

The first #MTGC19 previews are coming up now on live from #GenCon!

#GenCon Livestream is happening now on our blog and on GenCon Twitch  and YouTube  Join us!

Come see Crystal Commerce at Booth #1849!

Special Event “Diversity by Design” happening now on the main stage.


Gen Con
Gen Con
The BattleTech: Clan Invasion Kickstarter is in its final days! We’ve already cleared 1.5m and are quickly closing in on 2m! More than 90 redesigned, high-quality plastic miniatures have been unlocked, with a plethora of other swag: maps, t-shirts, dice, patches, and more! Backing will instantly get you new fiction, and more. Check it out!

#partnerpost with Catalyst Game Labs
Gen Con
Gen Con
Get ready for a new experience with Western Empires, the great game of civilizations.

In Western Empires, 5-9 players lead their civilizations as they expand and collapse from the stone age through the bronze age to the end of the iron age.

Western Empires provides a full day of fun for larger groups, but also includes shorter game scenarios for a night of fun with only 5 friends.

Pre-order now to get the Special Buildings Expansion for free.

#partnerpost with 999 Games
Gen Con
Gen Con
Then: Union Station Grand Hall, circa 1950. Now: Union Station Grand Hall, site of the Gen Con Dance! 📷: @retroindy #gencon

Which of these FOUR Hall of Famers will come out on top as the Emerald Division Champion and secure their bye into Day 2 of #MythicChampionshiopV?!

Whoever wins this poll gets extra luck so vote wisely!

It all goes down THIS Saturday on at 12 PM PDT.

It's almost the weekend! Celebrate by stopping by our featured creator's stream later today!

Featured creator: @iKasperr
Is said stream awesome: Yes

Happy Friday to you and all of your extremely small rhino, elephant, and giraffe-icorn friends! We hope you have a great time at FNM tonight, and to see you tomorrow at 12:00 PM PT on for MPL Weekly!

Find your local store at!

Pastimes is proud to present and open pre-registration for our PAX West Magic events!

We have a lot of cool stuff happening all centered around Commander 2019, be sure to check out all of our events at

#PAXWest2019 #MagicTheGathering @wizards_magic @pax

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